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In this weeks #TrailerTalkTuesdays we look at #AMostWantedMan, #WishIWasHere, #LifeOfCrime and more!

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean one thing - no, not that tomorrow will be Wednesday - that today, we will be watching trailers!

One of One Origins, Stylings and Practicalities, Part 2

Another production diary for our new #film, discussing Mise en Scene and how we’re using it! #short #animation #indie

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 19.01.02

Last week I discussed the approach we’re using to construct the world of ‘One of One’, our new short film project, and how I plan to bring it to life through the use of the 3D application Blender. (If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!) In this segment, I’ll be expanding on that, and discuss our plans to make this 3D environment as rich-a-tapestry as possible.

So, what do I mean by a…

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Throwback Thursday: Young Justice (2010-2013)

Throwback Thursday: Young Justice (2010-2013) #dc #batmanvsuperman #justiceleague #throwbackthursday


As I mentioned in last week’s Go Fund Yourself article, I’ve recently been indulging in DC Comic’s animated television shows, specifically Justice League Unlimited. I even promised an article about it! So, here is an article about Young Justice, a completely different show that has only recently fallen into the past…


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On this weeks #TrailerTalkTuesdays we talk #ExodusGodsAndKings, #LifeItself and more.

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers for your eyes to view on. Let’s hop to it shall we?

One of One Origins, Stylings and Practicalities; Part I

Want to see home our new #short #film is coming along? Don’t be shy, hit this shit! #blender #CG #art


If you’re familiar with this series of production diaries, you’ve likely cottoned on to some of the narrative elements that make up the short film Ollie and myself have been writing. However, we’ve only really hinted at what’s been going on in regards to the practicality of shooting it; how we’re planning on making this a reality. After all this is a relatively ambitious piece; it has rooftops,…

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Go Fund Yourself!

Go Fund Yourself! As ever, @JoeAldous’ choice #crowdfund projects from #kickstarter! @mypauljenkins


It’s that time of the week again: it’s Go Fund Yourself! Friday! Every week, we will be looking to provide a little added exposure to crowdfunding projects across the world, aptly focusing on the film and animation categories. Or, at least, that’s usually the case. This week I’ve decided to say fuck it and I’m going to talk about an already funded project and a comic back as well. Why? Because…

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This weeks #ThrowbackThursday examines the inimitable #DemolitionMan #TBT #SlyStallone #WesleySnipes #MovieReviews #Films

A friend and I have been discussing recently how few “good/bad” movies are being made these days.

#short #films galore, in this weeks Short Thoughts! Featuring ‘Narcose’, ‘Chase Me Through’, and Italian ‘Cynical Happy’! #art #blog

If you’ve made it this far without disappearing, you’re lucky enough to have reached your weekly hit of ‘Short Thoughts’!

This weeks Trailer Talk Tuesdays checks out #ReachMe #ObviousChild #St.Vincent #HorribleBosses2 and #AMasterBuilder

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers for your eyes to view on. Let’s hop to it shall we?

One of One: Part Three - Futureings

@OliverDrewAtY gives us the low down on the future of our upcoming short One of One here:


Over the course of the last two weeks, myself and Henry have been talking about our ongoing mission to get a film produced by the name of One of One. I told you about the projects genesis here, and Henry talked about his involvement last week. Today, I shall be discussing the future, how the world we’ve built for this piece will hopefully become something entirely more massive.

There’s a simple X…

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